Marco Corsini

Marco Corsini

Marco Corsini (b. Wangaratta, Australia, 1969) is a Melbourne based artist.

“I like to think of painting as a vehicle from within which I experience the world rather than a lens through which I represent the world.”

Marco Corsini has been the Director of Melbourne Art Class since 2013.






11 Responses to “About”

  1. Chas Spain

    Would love to know a bit more about your Art Program Marco – I’ve done quite a lot of studio drawing in the last couple of years but would be good to get back outside. Sometimes making this happen is a bit hard so perhaps coming along with some other folk might be better :>

    • Marco Corsini

      Thanks. For some aspects of the textures, wet on wet works well and is quite effective. As the larger paintings take some time, much of the painting is done wet on dry though.

  2. Xraypics

    I have had a quick look through several of your posts and am most impressed with your work. The balance and detail is excellent. You say you are interested in the space, but there is a spiritual aspect to your pictures that I like immensely. Thankyou for visiting my blog, Tony

    • Marco Corsini

      Thanks Tony. I think a lot about how to represent some sort of spirituality but have felt that it eludes me. It was very encouraging to read your comment.

      • Xraypics

        I’m sure you have looked at Paul Cezanne still life paintings (e.g. Still Life with Compotier – Hogg Art Museum, Harvard) the perspective is all over the place, the planes don;t line up, the plates are falling over at impossible angles, and yet… and yet… they hang together so beautifully, they give the observer a zing. This is spiritual. and this is where you are coming from in many paintings. Keep it up. Tony

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