Still learning to fly

Marco Corsini work in progress 27-4-16After a few dead ends which I can’t bring myself to show you, the painting is beginning to get some momentum.

The figure has been overlaid with a baby and a wing, while another wing appears on the lower left side. I’m enjoying the freedom to layer images and ideas without feeling the need to resolve them yet. My technique is very painterly with enough medium to keep the paint flowing and sometimes even more medium to create a transparent glaze.

I like the juncture of the legs and the wing which reminds me of the myth of Icarus, with which I have been fascinated since I was a child.

Why the baby? I thought it would be quite powerful if there was a baby looking out at us at that point in the painting. I have also wanted to paint babies floating over water for a very long time but never did. I don’t know how it connects to the rest of the painting but I will find that out as I work the painting up and discover other connections.

3 thoughts on “Still learning to fly

  1. Hey Marco, havent seen a picture from you for a while. I like the way this picture is developing, and like your process of seeing where the image takes you. At present it is quite surreal. there must be an explanation for wanting babies flying, but I think it’s probably better not to hear it, just keep on painting. Look forward to seeing the outcome. Tony

    1. Thank you. I have been painting but a bit quiet online. Thanks for your comment, as you say, I won’t say to much and keep on painting. Starting to get some momentum now. I hope your work is going well.

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