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Hi and welcome to my studio,

This is where I do my work, it is my personal studio where I run to follow a little golden thread of an idea and then pour hundreds and thousands of hours into seeing it come into fruition.

As some of you know, I teach in our art school, Melbourne Art Class and administer it with Lauren part of the week. That is at another wonderful studio in Richmond. This studio here however, is where I hide, where I try and where sometimes, for a moment I see a glimpse of something wonderful.

I have always considered myself a private person and as you can probably tell from my website, I only like to show finished work. However, as I teach painting and drawing, I’ve become aware of how much I emphasise the need to understand the creative process with all its multiplicity of directions, its searching and its setbacks. I would like to open up that conversation a little by bringing you into my studio and showing you what I do. That means showing you some of the things I do that don’t work out, my little deviations and experiments. Hopefully, some of the technical knowledge that I teach will become evident in my own process.

This year, I will be painting three days a week, so I’d like to aim for at least a post a week about what is occurring in my practice. My focus will be on the process I go through to get to a finished art work.


At the moment you can see a Still Life on my easel. I have set up a little table in the corner, near the window which overlooks a narrow street. On that table I have placed various objects and I am experimenting with working from life but also collaging the image so that it is spatially ambiguous or at least, interesting. This ties in to my interest in perception and space. I’ll talk more about this painting as it develops.

I hope you like the black and white images, I’m using a fairly simple phone camera so the images looked much better in monotone.

Until next week!










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