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  1. Marco, this is a wonderful painting… so beautifully painted and so mysterious! I love all the textures and earth colors. I love how your paintings are so close to the earth and your figure wants to be part of it… it seems to my anyway.

  2. Love your work, but no commentary or explanation – would really like to have some words around the beautiful image you have shown. Tony

    1. Thanks Tony. I grew up in country Victoria (Australia) and have always felt a connection with the land I come from. After returning from living abroad I began to appreciate painting in the bush and how visually different it is to any other environment I had seen. I painted using slight shifts in perspective to highlight the sense of space I was trying to portray and to move away from the flat photographic style image.
      I have gradually come to focus upon the relationship we have with the land and in this instance a spiritual relationship with or within the land. With the figure I am also trying to introduce narrative within this environment. This has been done in Australian painting before but I am hoping it is fresh and relevant.

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